About the Board Members

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The board size is usually about 28 (and allowed up to 30) members serving 3-year memberships. Members come from:

  • Area educators
  • City economic developers
  • Non-profit agencies / community-based organizations
  • Private sector employers
  • TWC
  • Veteran groups
  • Vocational rehabilitation


State rules on board composition (page 9-16, CEO Membership Guide (PDF)) detail the specifics on manning in order to create boards with a diverse outlook to address all aspects of the job sector. Board training requirements for each member ensure each person is prepared as a valuable member of the board.


The CVWDB organization is composed of an executive committee and supporting committees as determined by the board. The board executive committee is composed of a chairman, vice chairman, and secretary-treasurer and supplemented by the committee chairs.

A key responsibility of the Board is oversight of Board staff and the Contractor of the one-stop services center. Board members regularly evaluate the Board's staff and its contractor's progress, expenditures and performance.

CVWDB Org Structure