Assistive Technology

From Braille embossers, to adjustable workstations, to specialized software programs, Workforce Solutions of the Concho Valley is supporting innovative approaches to increasing competitive, unsubsidized employment to individuals with disabilities.

Examples of the adaptive technology used in our resource room includes screen enlargement software that allows a user with visual impairments to make items presented on the computer screen larger, screen readers that verbalize the information presented on the computer monitor, Braille embossers that translate information and printouts coming from the computer into Braille dots, and computer accessories that can accommodate most any physical disability.

Assistive Technology

Our bilingual staff can provide you with the translation and ensure that you enjoy the full benefits of our services. Many of our documents are now available in Spanish or large print format. We also offer alternative workforce orientation classes to our Spanish speaking customers.

Currently Available Technology

Our assistive technology equipment consists of the following:

  • CCTV - Designed to help visually impaired customers by electronically enlarging the printed material and displaying it on the 17 inch high resolution monitor. It allows for easy change and adjustments of colors, magnification and horizontal and vertical document positioning
  • TrackBall - Replaces the traditional mouse with the pointing device that allows for easy manipulation using your thumb and index finger
  • Zoom Text - Software based technology available for our customers with visions impairments - Just like the CCTV it will enlarge anything on your computer screen with the added feature of reading the document aloud
  • JAWS - A popular software that provides full range of screen reading and screen magnification options