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successWorkforce Solutions of the Concho Valley offers customized assessment services that can measure your skill levels and determine how they compare to the skills required for specific jobs.


We can provide you with the critical information that can assist you in making informed educational and career decisions.  Computer and paper/pencil surveys are available to assess aptitudes, interests, values, and skills.  Some of the assessments include the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE), WorkKeys and Prove It.  Individuals can also receive information regarding occupations and careers in various areas of interest as well as colleges and universities.

Kenexa Prove It is an online testing software program that can assess a full range of skills.  There are hundreds of tests for clerical, software, industrial, healthcare, financial and technical job classification. Prove It also offers online tutorials for various software packages.


*Over 800 Validated assessments in the following areas:


Accounting Package

Calling Center Package

Financial Package

Software Package

Legal Package

Microsoft Office Package

Microsoft Windows Package

Office/Professional Package

Tech Test Package

*Please contact the Workforce Solutions of the Concho Valley

for specific tests in the categories listed above.

workkeysWorkKeys is a workplace skills assessment system used nationwide by employers, students, workers, and educators.  Developed by ACT, formerly known as American College Testing, WorkKeys offers assessments to measure the current skill levels of workers, as well as occupational profiles and job profiles to document the skills required by occupations and specific jobs.  Those who take the Work Keys assessments have an objective credential which documents their abilities in the skills employers need.  Using Work Keys . . .

  • Employers can assess workers and customize training for a wide range of skilled jobs
  • Job Seekers can document and advance their employability skills

WorkKeys Assessments

The eight WorkKeys assessments (tests) measure skills in Applied Mathematics, Applied Technology, Listening, Locating Information, Observation, Reading for Information, Teamwork, and Writing.  Scales for each of the assessments have been developed with the help of educators and business people.  Work Keys assessments are administered through traditional, paper-based or computer-based testing, while others incorporate the use of audio or video tapes.


You can review and prepare for WorkKeys tests at San Angelo Adult Literacy Council. Contact them at (325)657-0013 or visit their web site




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