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Concho Valley Workforce Development Board (CVWDB) was established according to federal government criteria, with the current organization based on Workforce Investment Act of 1998, which set forth guidelines for the formation of Local Workforce Development Boards.  Although directed by the Federal Government, Texas’ own in-place system was recognized as a leader among the states and many Texas processes are grandfathered to allow our system to continue to set the standard among the States.  Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) annually allocates funds to CVWDB and assigns related performance targets/standards.  Funding originates from federal governments agencies - primarily the Department of Labor, Department of Health and Human Services, and Department of Agriculture- and state government regulations – Wagner Peyser Act.  Standards are established by federal law, federal agency, and TWC.  CVWDB is primarily responsible to TWC for the management administration of grant funds allocated to the local area and ensuring such resources are efficiently and effectively used to achieve the intended results.

Local Workforce Development Boards play an important role in the building of a quality workforce to meet the skill demands of Texas employers, as well as assisting Texans in their pursuit of good paying, productive jobs.  Designed in the mid-1990s, the Federal government used Texas’ system in drafting the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and in the newer, follow-on Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).  The Texas system has many exemptions, called “grandfather” provisions that allow Texas to continue to serve its customers in its proven system.



The mission of the Concho Valley Workforce Development Board (CVWDB) is to promote the economic well-being of all residents through the delivery of employer driven and customer centered services.  It is the intention of the Board to ensure that every CVWDB resident has the opportunity to work in his or her chosen field at their highest desired capacity, and that each business’ workforce is trained and ready as responsible employees.  More details can be found in the Concho Valley Local Workforce Development Board Plan.

Local Workforce Development Board-12 (LWDB-12, or CVWDB) is one of 28 TWC Boards serving the state of Texas.  CVWDB serves a 13-county area covering approximately 17,000 square miles and approximately 175K people (LWDB-12 region).  It is primarily a rural-based economy with San Angelo and Brady as the largest two cities in the region.



Judges from each county are Board Chief Elected Officials (CEOs) tasked with overseeing the Board’s operations and appointing its members.  Three CEOs are chosen as the Board’s Lead CEOs and take the majority of responsibility for supporting the Board’s daily operations where needed. 

The partnership agreement between CVWDB and its CEOs sets forth their roles, responsibilities, relationships, and functions.  The CEOs are primarily responsible for:

·        CVWDB member appointments

·        Review and final approval of the local workforce development plan




The Board size is usually about 28 (and allowed up to 30) members serving 3-year memberships.  Members come from private sector employers, non-profit agencies/community-based organizations, area educators, city economic developers, vocational rehabilitation, TWC, veteran, etc.  State rules on Board composition (page 9-16) detail the specifics on manning in order to create Boards with a diverse outlook to address all aspects of the job sector.  Board training requirements for each member ensure each person is prepared as a valuable member of the Board.    

The CVWDB organization is composed of an Executive Committee and supporting Committees as determined by the Board.  The Board Executive Committee is composed of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretary-Treasurer and supplemented by the Committee Chairs.


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A key responsibility of the Board is oversight of Board staff and the Contractor of the one-stop services center.  Board members regularly evaluate the Board’s staff and its contractor’s progress, expenditures and performance.

 The CVWDB Board staff is responsible and accountable for:

·        Establishing the direction and future of workforce development programs for the Concho Valley

·        Maintaining comprehensive fiscal systems

·        Developing the workforce plan and Board policies

·        Complying with all applicable state and federal statutes and regulations

·        Complying with the rules governing administration of grants and agreements

·        Meeting Board-specific and statewide performance standards

·        Monitoring contractor and subcontractors

·        Meeting any additional benchmarks set for the Concho Valley area

·        Ensuring high quality service delivery in the Workforce Center




The Workforce Center concept is based on a One-Stop Service Delivery Network, where possible, all the key services are placed together under the same roof for easy access by customers.  The Texas Workforce Center of the Concho Valley (Workforce Solutions) is a certified, full-service center that has integrated service functions to aid job seekers and employers in all aspects of employment and training.  Workforce Solutions (WFS) was certified by the Texas Workforce Commission on August 31, 1999 and undergoes a certification review every three years.  The contractor of the one-stop center is responsible and accountable for providing customer service to employers and job seekers throughout the Concho Valley by:


Providing core services for the following programs:

o   Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) serving adults, formerly Title I of Workforce Investment Act (WIA)

o   Dislocated Workers and Youth,

o   Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP),

o   Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)/Choices,

o   Subsidized Child Care Services,

o   Wagner-Peyser Employment Services,

o   Trade Adjustment Assistance,

o   Veteran’s Employment and Training Programs,

o   National Literacy Act Services,

o   Post-secondary Career and Technology Training,

o   Senior Texans Employment Program,

o   Apprenticeship Program, and

o   Access to Unemployment Insurance Benefits.

Providing employer services that include:

o   Labor market information (LMI),

o   Job posting and openings (Work in Texas [WIT]),

o   Education and training opportunities, and

o   Supportive services (including access to subsidized child care)

·        Implementing a customer-driven service delivery strategy that includes:

o   Information through individual self-service,

o   Job search assistance in group settings, and

o   Specialized, intensive staff-assisted services to both job seekers  and employers

Providing reasonable accommodation/accessibility in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)


CONTACT THE BOARD  [email and street address for CVWDB Staff]



o   Current Board Agenda

o   Administration Forms

o   New Member Training

o   Additional Training

Texas Workforce Commission:  http://www.twc.state.tx.us/

Department of Labor:  http://www.doleta.gov/usworkforce/wia/act.cfm

Department of Health and Human Services: http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/civilrights/resources/specialtopics/tanf/

Department of Agriculture:  http://www.fns.usda.gov/snap/supplemental-nutrition-assistance-program-snap

[Grants:  http://www.usda.gov/wps/portal/usda/usdahome?navid=GRANTS_LOANS]

Wagner Peyser Act: http://www.doleta.gov/programs/w-pact_amended98.cfm

Workforce Investment Act:  http://www.doleta.gov/usworkforce/wia/Runningtext.cfm

   Or:  http://www.twc.state.tx.us/boards/workforce-investment-act.html

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act:  http://www.doleta.gov/wioa/

Concho Valley Local Workforce Development Board Plan:  http://www.cvworkforce.org/res_files/BoardPlan.pdf

TWC Boards:  http://www.twc.state.tx.us/dirs/wdbs/workforce-development-boards-websites.html

LWDB-12 region:  http://www.cvworkforce.org/  (use our map)

Board Chief Elected Officials (list provided separately)

Lead CEOs (County listing provided separately)

Board composition: http://www.twc.state.tx.us/boards/guides/ceoguide.pdf   

Board training requirements:  Link to our training requirement page at top

CVWDB organization: Board org chart provided separately

Board Executive Committee:  Board org chart provided separately

Committee Chairs:  Board org chart provided separately

CVWDB Board staff:  Board org chart provided separately

Workforce Solutions:  http://www.cvworkforce.org/


All these links are to WFS sites:

o   WIOA

o   WIA

o   Dislocated Workers

o   Youth,

o   SNAP

o   (TANF)/Choices,

o   Child Care,

o   Wagner-Peyser Employment Services,

o   Trade Adjustment Assistance,

o   Veteran’s Employment,

o   National Literacy Act,

o   Senior Texans Employment Program,

o   Apprenticeship Program,

o   Unemployment Insurance

o   Labor market information (LMI),

o   (Work in Texas [WIT]),

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA):  http://www.ada.gov/











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